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New Chapter and New Feelings

Hello lovelies!

I’ve got wonderful news! Well, its wonderful for me because I have been procrastinating for the past few hours. Chapter Four of My Innocent Broken Heart is up and posted on my Wattpad page. You can check out the chapter here: Chapter 4: Playing Hard to Get

Anyways, i just want to share my experiences with WordPress so far. So please bear with me when I explain them because even my parents complain about my inability to express what I feel, vocally. So I will list them down and I think new users will understand them. And I pray that the veteran users can actually understand what I am trying to say.


1. Dashboard

It feels like I’m using Tumblr but I’m not using Tumblr. Get it? Gosh, I hope none of you are laughing at me right now. Um…yeah. Its different and cool at the same time because its more detailed and you can oversee what is going on with your blog compared to Weebly where its just the stat and what not. (Don’t mind my grammar. As long the words are spelled write right then I am good to go.)


2. Add New Post Features

There are so many features that WordPress have that Weebly doesn’t. It is so much easier to create a post and so much cooler. That’s all I can say with that one.


3. All of the Other Cool Stuff

In Weebly, you can’t follow other users because its more on creating your own website but here you can follow hundreds of people. Plus there are a bunch of other features like themes, a more detailed stat count and other stuff that I haven’t found out that are not present with my old site.


I will figure out the do’s and don’ts in a few months but for now I am still a fetus in the blogging world.

Oh by the way I will advertise myself in some posts where you will see something like “Follow me in Wattpad” or “Read Out For Blood or My Innocent Broken Heart“.

You know…you will occasionally see those things but not all the time. So yeah… awkward




Schuyler Gabrielle


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