Perennial Favorites: Working With Custom Menus

Very useful! I better keep this in mind.

The Daily Post

Creating and organizing menus is a common stumbling block for bloggers new and old — it’s definitely worth revisiting this helpful road map to menu success from Happiness Engineer Andrea Bishop.

A reader is visiting your site for the first time. Where do they go? What do they click on? Adding a custom menu to your site helps readers see how your site is organized and what you consider important.

Why would you need a custom menu? Maybe you’re a food blogger trying to organize sweet and savory recipes:

navigation_bigalittlea_sweets navigation on in the Just Desserts theme

Or, maybe you’re a world traveler looking to organize your adventures by location:

navigation_emilyluxton_travel navigation on using the Oxygen theme

Perhaps, you don’t like the default order of what is being filled in your navigation as you create new pages. Creating a custom menu allows you to specify what appears and in what…

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