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Dear Diary, I am Emotionally and Mentally Tired

Dear Diary,

For these past few weeks I have been a target of faults and arguments from the people inside my home. No matter how I defend myself to share my side of the story, I never seem to be right. In my family’s eyes during those moments, I have no right to argue back and I just have to accept the fact that I could never be correct.

My family came from a country where elders are respected and we could never argue with them regardless of who was in the right. Since moving to where we are now we were given the notion that we could speak for ourselves. I was glad because I can finally say what I feel towards my parents and sisters. Though the idea of talking back to my parents appealed to me, I still remained the respectful child they raised.

Fast forward to 3 years later, I was used to stating my argument to my parents but we still do not see eye to eye. I don’t think they are humble enough to accept the fact that their child could be right at times. I am not saying that I am always right but there are moments where, maybe, a parent should start listening to their child instead of going for the “i am your parent hence i am always right” belief.

I believe the reason teenagers these days do not reveal things or talk to their parents is because they do not listen. Some do but they do not bring themselves in the shoes of their children. We always hear the teenagers on drama shows or commercials where they shout the lines, “You are not listening” or “You do not understand” to adults. And in my opinion that is true.

Now, I am not going to stray away from what I am sharing in the first place, but it really does drain me emotionally and mentally when my parents do not see the light of what I am saying. I mean, what is the point of telling me that I should let out my feelings when I will only end up being judged and labelled of having a problem?

It hurts. I don’t tell my parents this because there is no point in arguing when they have made up their mind.

And no,I will not turn to any vices or think of suicide. I am just tired. Tired of the fact that I am keeping all this emotions inside without having an output. I don’t want to be those people who suddenly blow up because they were hurting too much.

As I am typing this now, I am driven by an emotion to let all my feelings out. I am really thankful for sites like WordPress and any other blogging sites where people could let out their emotions.

I know there are people who will disagree on what I just said. I respect and realize that. But remember that teenagers or any child is also a human being who feels and is able to notice the action of how they are being treated. We need to be careful.

Now, this is becoming too dramatic but I feel better.

Thank you for listening.


Schuyler Gabrielle


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