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Dear Diary, I’ve got loads of ideas but little to no action

Dear Diary,

I’ve been meaning to start up the ideas I have for my blog but for some reason I haven’t typed down any single thing. There are so many excuses I could use but the main reason would be is the I’m a lazy ass busy. REEAAALLY BUSY.

As you know, I’m no longer a house bum but rather I am a working student who tries, emphasize on try, to balance work and school (duh, Schuyler, hence working student). Lately, my time has been spent mostly on my job. I have less time for writing for both my blog and books. So I decided to bring my notebook and pen with me everywhere I go to write down ideas or scenes whenever the idea comes to me. I know I’m so smart *winks*.

Anyways, laziness aside I am excited to introduce new weekly/monthly blogs and book ideas! Since it’s almost the Christmas holidays, I have a great idea for a book that I’m sure it would intrigue some readers! Stay tuned for that one! Also, for those who keep up with me via Twitter, I am a major tv/movie buff. I have been watching Asian dramas which means I have lot of fan-girling to do! So maybe a weekly or monthly series of that one? Interested?

Those are just some of my ideas that I haven’t started. So, hopefully I can begin at least one of them.


Schuyler Gabrielle


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