Rants and Hooplahs

The Struggle Is Real

OH MY GOODNESS! Schuyler, you are actually writing a lot today!

I know, I know. Another blog post… Sue me for trying to be a real blogger. This is not a “Dear Diary” series by the way in case you haven’t  noticed.

Anyways, the reason I have this posted up because while looking around the interwebs a thought came to me. Its mostly about my struggle but I do think people out there are also having the same problem. Its nothing serious believe me, but for someone who takes this as serious as a bomb running out of time this is a HUGE problem.

How do I choose my next book to read? Its a simple question, really simple. Some people could just close their eyes and randomly pick their next read. But for those struggling, *coughmecough*, I thought that maybe I could share my worry and maybe we could talk about it together? You know, like those who have an addiction problem. Well, I will start…

Hi my name is Schuyler and I’m a book addict.

And cue… Hi Schuyler!

Thanks guys so supportive!! Anyways, back to story time.

Every time I finish a book, I would always try to find my next fangirl victim. So what do I do? I either go to wattpad or to my local bookstore. Now, if I can’t find anything online I would list down the genres of books I want to read and then I would head to my paradise (bookstore for short). I would be excited and expecting a lot because there will be loads of choices to choose from. I thought I could handle the situation. But once I enter the “youth” section, this is where my problem begins.

I see this…

I don’t own the photo


But really I see this…

Ha ha ha. Stupid mortal… Do you think you can handle me? (I don’t own the photo)

Okay… First of all, I am just a mere human being (Or am i *smirks*) who becomes indecisive when it comes to serious matters like books. Secondly, once I enter the bookstore that is only the time I realize that there are lots of books that I haven’t even heard of that are calling my name! In truth, all I do is just stare. Literally STARE.

I will be staring the shelves for almost an hour and I couldn’t grab any book to buy. Why? Because a book catches my interest when they have a good cover and title. I know guys don’t judge a book by its cover. I don’t actually judge them. It’s how I start my groove into buying a book.

So, enough of that, and then I will read it’s excerpt or its summary. You know, the things the author wants you to know without actually reading the book and ruining the story for you. Yeah, that one.

If everything checks out, I grab the book and move on to the next one that interests me. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. You know why?? It’s because every single book I pick up is very interesting to read and if I choose all of them I would be standing with a huge pile on my hands. And, of course, I would say to myself… Schuyler just choose 2-3 books and then come back for the others. Ha! Easier said than done! I would just end up not buying anything and I would internally cry for a thousand years.

So, who else is having a problem? Cause I don’t want to be the only one. Yeah… I won’t be surprise if it’s just me. I’m a weird one.

Anyhow, comment down below of your own experience or maybe just say Schuyler can I join your club? You are not alone. I would actually be happy when someone says that. We can hold hands and maybe fan-girl on stories.


Schuyler Gabrielle


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