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Dear Diary, I Can Explain

Dear Diary,

Oh hello there… I am obviously still alive but it seems that I lacked the motivation and inspiration to write. For my books for example, its been months, even a year since I last updated a chapter. The reasons I would say are that I was and still am busy with life (school and work) and I’ve got stupid writer’s block. Actually, I am having a hard time trying to write this post.. I mean my mind is filled with school right now… And you know, finals is coming up in a few weeks so I just can’t..

So I would just answer questions of my readers and post it here.. If you have any more just comment down below:


1. Are you still continuing on writing any of your stories?

– Yes I am.. I will strive on finishing them because I don’t want to be one of those writers who just remove their stories because lack of motivation or whatever.. I hate those to be honest cause as a reader I don’t want to see any of the books that became my favourites to go.

2. What are your plans with your stories?

– I will edit them and maybe change up the plot because to be honest thinking about them right now I feel like they suck.. so expect new stuff from my old stories..

3. When are you going to start updating?

– I honestly don’t know. You would see the update maybe around the summer time?? Hehe.

4. Are you planning any future stories any time soon?

– Good question. Maybe.. I just need to finish Out Of Blood and My Innocent Broken Heart before I start any new projects..


So there you go…. Hopefully question were answered. If not then, send me any question that you would like to ask!



Schuyler Gabrielle


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