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New Series (and a short rant)

Heyo readers!

I know think most of you enjoy my “Dear Diary” series where I publish diary entry type of posts. I have been thinking of doing a different series for the past months in order to interests other people.

As you all know, I am a author (a struggling writer who cannot get their shit together where I write and publish chapters on wattpad. This coming May would be my second or third year anniversary being on the website and I thought, “Why not launch a new series where I post weekly or monthly about my favourite books, makeup or anything that interest me?”. It took me almost a year to do something like this so sue me if I’m slow (actually don’t, please).

Anyways, the reason why this idea came up because there are a lot of good written books on wattpad that are not getting the praise they deserve. And I noticed that the badly written once with a cliché storyline are the ones having millions of reads. I find that very sad and annoying because their story seems to suck big time. I won’t mention any books but if you are frequent on wattpad, you would know what I’m talking about.

As I said before that my anniversary on wattpad would be on May, so that would only mean that my series will start on that month as well. I am totally trying my best to post as much as I can without boring or overwhelming anybody. So hopefully you are excited as much as I am! Everybody would get a heads up when my series has started so don’t worry about missing anything. Besides its posted online so you won’t miss anything duh.

Comment down below of what you think about the upcoming series! If you have any suggestions on what series I should do, COMMENT!


Schuyler Gabrielle


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