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Stuck In The Middle

Heyooo my lovely readers! I am back with another post. I know I should be doing Wattpad book reviews right now but I am unable to because none of the books I want to review are being updated. So basically I am stuck doing nothing… So i might as well update you guys.

Anyhoo, I just came back from a two week “vacation”. The reason that vacation has apostrophes because it was more of a business trip. Also, I am going to manage another blog but that is more personal and beauty related so it would actually be under my real name. Gasp.. Yes people Schuyler is not my real name. Get over it. If you want to see my other blog -> click me for more personal and beauty related things! 🙂

So how is everyone doing? I feel like I need to get in touch with my readers more because this silent treatment is not working at all! Haha. Also, I have been thinking of getting an ask.fm account. Do think I should? I am not sure if I asked everyone this on my last post… So yeah, what do you guys think? Yay or nay?

I’ll keep everyone posted for a book review soon!


Schuyler Gabrielle


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