Update On Life

Where have I been?


Yes, I am still alive. No need for drama.

I have been busy with a lot of things since my last post on May. If you have been keeping up with me which I doubt you are, I haven’t been writing much either. REASON? I don’t have the drive or inspiration to write a single chapter. I am still planning on finishing my books, but it will take longer than usual.

Anyhow, with that being said, I also just finished finals which is good because I can concentrate on other things like gift shopping for friends and family. I mentioned the last time that I am doing a beauty blog which you can see here, XOJENBEAUTY. I upload there regularly, twice a week. I also, created a instagram account specifically for that blog, @xojenbeauty.

I am currently concentrating more on my studies aside from the blogging, of course. The reason being is that I have 6 more classes to go before I graduate and transfer to a different school to finish my diploma. Yes, people. I am serious about schooling.

If you’re wondering when I will continue writing any of my books, the answer is I DON’T KNOW. I will update you guys once I’ve done that but for now, I won’t touch on that subject. Anyhow, hope you guys have a wonderful day! If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact me.





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